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The right to vote is one of our nation's oldest and most important entitlements, and with this right comes responsibility. Free and open elections are the basis on which this country was formed and you can make a difference by becoming a poll worker to help protect those freedoms.

When are you needed?

Just a few days a year: Primary Day in September, and Election Day in November.

What tasks will you perform as a poll worker?

  • Prepare the polling place for voting
  • Set up the voting equipment
  • Process the voters
  • Demonstrate voting procedures to the voters
  • Close the polling place
  • Canvass and report the results
  • Assist voter if requested by the voter

You are eligible to serve as a poll worker if you:

Are a registered voter and a resident of the county, or within the City of New York, a City resident, in which you will be working.

Will you be paid?

Yes, by your board of elections.

The Board of Elections is committed to fulfilling its responsibility to the citizens of New York State by providing fair and accurate elections. This responsibility and the credit associated with it must be shared with the many dedicated workers that help make elections successful. You can get involved and become a proud participant in a process that is the foundation of democracy in our country.

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