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Request For Information

The New York State Public Campaign Finance Board issued a Request for Information (RFI) for technology solutions for a web-based platform via the Office of General Services. Here is a copy of the RFI as found in the OGS Contract Reporter and Bid Calendar: External Link

Proposed Regulation For Comment:

Part 6221.39-6221.45 — NYS Public Campaign Finance Board Draft Enforcement Regulations for Public Comment (pdf pdf 225KB)

Part 6221.38 NYS PCFB — Draft Debate Regulations for Public Comment (pdf pdf 110KB)

The NYS Public Campaign Finance program, effective November 9, 2022, will commence with the 2024 Primary Elections for State Legislative Office. As part of the process for promulgating regulations for the program for public matching funds, we have posted a draft of regulations for public comment. Regulations concerning enforcement and the payment process of funds to campaigns are being developed and will be posted for public comment in the future. Please send comments to

Part 6220 — Cyber Security Requirements for Boards of Elections (pdf pdf 170KB)

Part 6217 — Review of County Voter Registration Systems Draft Regulation for Public Comment (pdf pdf 140KB)

Part 6210.21 — Relative to Cures for Absentee Ballots (pdf pdf 259KB)

Comments can be sent to

Calendar of Events

December 2021

This table contains the calendar of events for the New York State Board of Elections for December 2021.
Date Event Additional Information
Tuesday 12/14
12:00 P.M.
Public Campaign Finance Board Meeting
followed by SBOE Commissioners Meeting
State Board Offices*
40 North Pearl Street
5th Floor
Albany NY 12207
Minutes and Archived Webcasts

* All meetings are webcast live. The NYSBOE provides closed captioning for all meetings open to the public. If you need an additional accommodation, please contact, at least 7 business days before the scheduled board meeting date.

NYS Board of Elections Use of Force Policy

Board of Elections Use of Force Policy (pdf pdf 156KB)