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This database contains all financial disclosure statements filed with the Board from July of 1999 to the present. Financial disclosure statements filed prior to the 1999 July Periodic report are either on file with the New York State Archives or in storage with the New York State Board of Elections. For further information or to obtain copies of these archived or stored filings, please call 1-800-458-3453. Each page costs 25¢ plus postage and copy orders must be prepaid.

Electronically filed disclosure statements are generally available in the database on the day they are received. A small number of candidates and committees are either statutorily exempt or have applied for and obtained exemptions from electronic filing. These filers will continue filing on paper and their disclosure statements will become available as they are manually entered into the database by Agency staff.

Data Accuracy

The majority of financial disclosure statements filed at the State Board are entered into the database directly from e-mail or diskette filings submitted by committee treasurers or candidates. The information contained in paper filings will be entered into the database exactly as it appears on the forms. Because database searches retrieve information exactly the way it is reported and then entered into the database, search results may be inaccurate and/or incomplete. This will occur, for example, if filers do not adhere to the required format, do not use the proper codes, misspell words or leave items blank. Although the State Board carefully reviews disclosure reports and requires treasurers to submit amended reports as needed, there will necessarily be delays before the review process is completed and the information in the database is corrected.