Meeting Voter Access Needs

photo of a person being assisted at an ES&S Automark Voting Machine picture of an I Voted! sticker

The New York State Board of Elections is committed to providing exemplary assistance to all voters, including those with access needs. Any voter who requests assistance is entitled to receive it, regardless of the reason.

To facilitate voter accessibility, our poll workers are trained to:

  • Treat voters with dignity
  • Effectively communicate with voters
  • Interact with voters
  • Use positive language
  • Practice natural communication
  • Act appropriately around service animals
  • Offer assistance for all access needs

In addition to poll worker training, we also strive to serve all voters by creating accessible polling places.

The New York State Board of Elections has also made registering to vote accessible to all voters by offering multiple methods for completing a Voter Registration Form on our Voter Registration page.