Board of Elections

About the New York State Board of Elections


  • Peter S. Kosinski / Co-Chair
  • Douglas A. Kellner / Co-Chair
  • Andrew J. Spano / Commissioner
  • Gregory P. Peterson / Commissioner

Executive Directors

  • Todd D. Valentine / Co-Executive Director
  • Robert A. Brehm / Co-Executive Director

Mission Statement

The State Board of Elections was established in the Executive Department June 1, 1974 as a bipartisan agency vested with the responsibility for administration and enforcement of all laws relating to elections in New York State. The Board is also responsible for regulating disclosure and limitations of a Fair Campaign Code intended to govern campaign practices. In conducting these wide-ranging responsibilities, the Board offers assistance to local election boards and investigates complaints of possible statutory violations. In addition to the regulatory and enforcement responsibilities the board is charged with the preservation of citizen confidence in the democratic process and enhancement in voter participation in elections.