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Help America Vote Act

Federal and State Statutes

The Help America Vote Act of 2002 is a package of reforms that will ensure meaningful access to the democratic process for all New Yorkers. New York has developed a plan to implement the Act's provisions and access the federal funds needed to ensure compliance. The plan may be viewed by following the link below and copies are available at county boards of elections and public libraries across the state and at the State Board of Elections.

HAVA Law (pdf 204KB)
Summary of Federal Legislation (pdf 27KB)


HAVA Task Force:

HAVA Task Force Public Comments:

HAVA Compliance Plan submitted to Federal Court January 4, 2008.

2009 Voting Machine Pilot Plan

Draft Plan for Compliance with HAVA submitted by Commissioner Kelleher and Commissioner Donohue.

Draft Plan for Compliance with HAVA submitted by Commissioner Kellner, Commissioner Aquila and Defendant Zalen.

Transcripts of Public Hearings for Draft Plan:

New York State Bills passed and signed into Law:

Statewide Database

Statewide Database Regulations:

Requests for Interpretation (RFI)

The State Board has implemented a process for providing clarification and/or direction concerning NYS Election Law, regulations, or other issues formally raised by vendors or the State Board's Independent Testing Authority. Each RFI, the State Board's response, and any supporting background documentation, is posted below.

6209.2.F.10(a) & 2005 VVSG Vol. 1 - Cryptographic Module Validation Program

6209.2 Conditionally Compiled Code

2005 VVSG Vol. 1, Sect. 5.2.2

7-202 Voting System Requirements

7.4.6 Software Setup Validation

Section 6209.2 Polling Place Voting System Requirements